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Powerheart® G5 AED Trainer

A helpful tool for defibrillator training, the Powerheart G5 Trainer is designed to prepare any user for a real-life rescue. With the help of the AED trainer, students will learn the process of applying defibrillation pads, practise using the defibrillator itself, and perform CPR compressions on the mannequins provided. And thanks to the in-built, easy-to-follow voice and metronome guide, they can be confident that if a recue situation arises, they’d know exactly what to do.

Range of Rescue Scenarios

  • Simulates each rescue stage

  • Alternates between four different rescue scenarios

  • Trains users for both shockable and non-shockable cardiac rescue situations

  • Includes either adult defibrillator pads or iCPR pads, offering the chance to train in paediatric rescue

  • Demonstrates both automatic and semi-automatic defibrillator operation

Comprehensive Training

  • Uses a metronome to train users to perform CPR compressions

  • Assesses performance in CPR according to 2010 Resuscitation Guidelines

Greater Control for Instructors 

  • Use the wireless remote control to create dynamic rescue conditions

  • Pause the trainer mid-simulation whenever required, then continue from the same point in the scenario

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