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BRAYDEN Presents
the New Standard for CPR Training

cpr manikin philippines.png

The first CPR training manikin in the World with an intuitive blood circulation display is now available here in the Philippines.


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The real-time feedback capability 

Helps learners easily understand the purpose and principles of CPR, and helps enhance the educational learning. 

Effective way for learning CPR

Helps CPR trainers determine whether cpr is right or wrong.

Enables Efficient Training

Helps instructors to visually assess especially to a large group of learners


Simultaneous monitoring is easy 

Enables immediate correction of the CPR being performed

cpr manikin philippines.png
cpr manikin philippines.png


Smart Evolution of CPR

Brayden Pro is a CPR training manikin that provides the real-time feedback of the key CPR parameters which can be reviewed, analysed and exported

to help improve the quality of CPR performance.


You can replace your existing BRAYDEN manikin with this BRAYDEN JUNIOR kit.

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The first infant CPR Manikin to display the visual flow of blood from the heart to the brain during CPR. This is the New Standard for infant CPR training.


This advanced Baby CPR Manikin is now for sale here in the Philippines.  

cpr manikin philippines.png



Is based on an IOS Application and uses a cloud server platform. This was developed with help from CPR experts from around the world. This help was especially important for the CPR scoring algorithm, to ensure assessment are accurate and according to relevant guidelines. As a result, Good quality CPR training is possible without an instructor, and provides consistent and reliable evaluation and performance scoring.

Chest realistically rises when air is

delivered to the lungs.

Realistic head tilt and chin lift 

Encourage the correct technique for

easy nose pinch for mouth to

mouth ventilations.

Has a lifelike appearance similar to

a real human body.

Easy to disinfect and wash.

Clicker for prescribed depth.

basic life support cpr manikins philippines.png

Battery status indicator 

User guide.

BRAYDEN CPR manikin has the following functions for Basic Life Support Training. 

Get ahead! Be equipped with advanced SCA training products and save more lives! 

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