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AED as a Standard First Aid Device for Hospitality Industry


The Hotel Industry in the Philippines is not surprisingly booming as the country has exceptional tourism efforts to increase the number of local and international tourists every year.

As a hotelier, it is important to make your guests feel safe on medical grounds as well. There should be a very well organized facilitation of medicines, medical personnel, first aid, and clinics.


The responsibility to provide visitors with utmost respect includes the aspect of good health also. These kinds of facilities definitely help increase customers’ confidence and boost tourism.

With an increasing Sudden-Cardiac-Arrest (SCA) cases in the country, the likelihood of a cardiac emergency occurring at your hotel is real. The only effective treatment for SCA is a shock from an automated external defibrillator (AED), administered as soon as possible. Providing a safe environment for hotel guests and employees is vital to your reputation. One of the best ways to provide hotel guests that essential protection is with an AED program.

Every Second counts. Every Guest matters.

Are you a hotelier? Does your hotel already have AED?

Are you a guest? Find the nearest AED in your stayed hotel.

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