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Having defibrillators in the workplace might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re assessing health and safety in your business. However, if an employee does suffer a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) on your premises, they’ll have a 70% chance of survival if defibrillation happens within 3 minutes of the SCA. So, installing an office defibrillator could help you and your colleagues to save a life.

Learning how to use a defibrillator is a mandatory part of the First Aid at Work Act (FAAW). However, the use of defibrillators in the workplace is not yet required by the government’s health and safety legislation. At Cardiac Science, we want having defibrillators in work to be as commonplace as having fire extinguishers. Which is why we’re making it as simple and affordable as possible for businesses like yours to get an AED for the office.


  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) kills 150,000 people every year in the UK, and is responsible for more than a quarter of all deaths.

  • When a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) happens, the likelihood of surviving decreases by 10% with every minute that passes without defibrillation.

  • There is a 70% chance of survival if defibrillation happens within 3 minutes of the SCA. This increases to 90% if the heart is shocked within one minute of the SCA.

  • 75% of NHS ambulances arrive within 8 minutes.

  • Cardiac Science Powerheart® AEDs are easy to use – with one on hand, anyone can save a life.


We believe that the best defibrillators for the workplace are the models that are easiest to use, and which conduct extensive self-tests every day to ensure they are rescue ready.

That’s why if you’re looking to install a defibrillator at work, we recommend the Powerheart® G5 AED:

  • We’ll guide you through – Thanks to instructions on a screen and RescueCoach™ voice prompts, you’ll be guided through every step of using the machine.

  • RHYTHMx® technology – This built-in feature checks if the rhythm of the heart would benefit from a shock. If the heart won’t benefit from a shock, the defibrillator won’t shock them.

  • Self-checking technology – Powerheart AEDs run daily presence and functionality checks on pads, battery, and internal circuitry, as well as monthly full charges of their high-voltage electronics. This helps ensure Powerheart® AEDs are Rescue Ready® when they are needed.

  • Tailored shocks – Our proprietary STAR biphasic software provides a shock that is tailored to the patient’s needs in order to deliver the most effective therapy. Variable escalating energy ensures that the amount of energy is increased if more than one shock is necessary.

  • Comprehensive indemnification policy – Unlike other providers, we will indemnify and defend anyone using the defibrillator for its intended purpose – not just those who are trained.

  • Under warranty for 8 years –Powerheart AEDs are protected for one of the longest warranty periods in the industry, and feature a four-year, full operational guarantee on the Intellisense® This is more than just a standard battery warranty. If the battery becomes low at any time in a four year period—including if this is from being used in rescues—we will replace it, to ensure the user receives four years of service for the initial cost of the battery.

Whether you’ve got an ageing workforce, have a tricky-to-access workplace, work with high-voltage equipment, or simply want to do the right thing for your employees, deciding to install a workplace defibrillator could dramatically improve the survival chances of anyone who has a SCA on your site.

Contact Cardiac Science today to find out more about getting an AED for your workplace, and our friendly team will be happy to help.

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